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Side Scrolling Fish Swim Game with APE Physics Engine


In an effort to find a very simple and easy to use physics engine we stumbled upon APE. Although this is not the most powerful of Flash physics engines it does seem to have a rather minimal learning curve.

There are several other physics engines in AS3 available. The one that seems to currently be the leader of the pack is Box2D. Box2D is a port from C++ so package names / method names etc do not follow Actionscript best practices (lowercase package names & uppercase method names). Not really a big deal but a little odd at times.

For this game it seemed that APE had plenty of features and power to get the desired result.

Monsters (fish), and coins were easily placed in an array
var monsters:Array = [ { x:1500, y:150, type:Starfish }, { x:1700, y:300, type:Octo }, { x:2500, y:180, type:Starfish },
{ x:2700, y:330, type:Octo }, { x:3200, y:150, type:Starfish }, { x:3700, y:300, type:Octo }, { x:3900, y:180, type:Starfish },
{ x:4000, y:330, type:Octo }, { x:4300, y:300, type:Octo }, { x:4500, y:180, type:Starfish }, { x:5000, y:330, type:Octo },
{ x:5500, y:150, type:Starfish }, { x:6000, y:300, type:Octo }, { x:6200, y:180, type:Starfish }, { x:6700, y:330, type:Octo },
{ x:7000, y:120, type:Starfish }, { x:7700, y:350, type:Octo }, { x:8300, y:180, type:Starfish }, { x:9000, y:330, type:Octo },
{ x:9300, y:300, type:Octo }, { x:9800, y:180, type:Starfish }, { x:10000, y:330, type:Octo },

{ x:1600, y:220, type:Coin }, { x:1900, y:220, type:Coin }, { x:2200, y:220, type:Coin },
{ x:3500, y:220, type:Coin }, { x:3800, y:220, type:Coin }, { x:4600, y:220, type:Coin },
{ x:9600, y:220, type:Coin }, { x:11000, y:220, type:Coin }, { x:12000, y:220, type:Coin }


Movement is as simple as adding force to an object:
protected function onKeyDown(evt:KeyboardEvent):void

if (evt.keyCode == Keyboard.UP)
forceAmountY = -25;
if (evt.keyCode == Keyboard.DOWN)
forceAmountY = 25;
if (evt.keyCode == Keyboard.RIGHT)
forceAmount = 6;
if (evt.keyCode == Keyboard.LEFT)
forceAmount = -6;

All together the creation of this game was not difficult. With some more time spent on adding sounds, animations to monsters, and general fluff you would have a sweet fun game.

If you or your clients need any help, feel free to contact our interactive agency.

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  4. Tim Oxley says:

    Hey that’s pretty cool but are you going to publish the rest of the source, as this doesn’t really show how you used APE to actually set up the objects…

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